Tim Wiechmann was raised in Massachusetts, but many of his formative years were spent in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France. The family moved often, and long trips to Japan, Korea, and South America added to an already colorful multi-cultural background.

Cooking (and good eating!) began at a young age. It was at the third grade bake sale that Tim knew he liked to cook and was ready to contribute. This passion that he had in grade school, has never faded, and as soon as he was old enough to work, the long dishwashing summers ensued. By age 20, he was attending Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and worked a summer at La Truffe Noire, a One-Star Michelin restaurant.

In his twenties and early thirties, he worked many restaurant jobs from Aujourd'hui at the Four Seasons Boston to his first Head Chef position at the stoves of a tiny, successful restaurant called Ten Tables. More recently, he and his wife Bronwyn moved back to Paris. There he had the good fortune of working under Alain Passard of Arpège, Alain Soliveres at Taillevent and Joël Robuchon at his Atelier - all of whose cuisine he admires tremendously and incorporates into his own style.